Windows 365 does not work with Multiple domains


I have provisioned windows 365 for users for 1 of our managed domains with a Windows 365 Business License.


No VM's get creeated

No Vm's are shown under the users accounts

When the users signs into remote desktop an error says: There are currently no resources assigned.


Windows 365 Does not work with Multiple domains in a tenant and MS is keeping this a secret. For anyone running multiple domains in Office 365 don't even bother with this garbage technology. Windows 365 will not provision any VM's except for users in the Primary domain.

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@Larry Casey  Hi! In our company we lease hardware to different companies, and in some cases we offer a fulfillment service which includes Device Management to manage accesses, permissions, licences to different kinds of software and I'm analyzing if it's better if we move to Microsoft End Point Manager with this Cloud PC interface. Are you saying that I can't manage to users from different companies if I need to? Do I have to suscribe as 4, 5 or x different managers? Thank you