Windows 365 deployment recommendations

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Hi Windows 365 Team

After running the Cloud PC in its entirety, I found a few unfriendly places:
1, no logs and do not show the progress process, MEM in the configuration of Windows 365 where there is no log output, the status page is only able to wait for the final success or failure, and then i can see the detailed things;
2, after the provisioning policy configuration is completed, the background began to create a VM, the feeling is to enter the black hole, completely do not know what is operating, I tested several times, the fastest 1.5 hours a VM (the official document says the fastest 1 hour), the slowest 6 hours to use the Cloud PC
3. How can enterprise administrators customize the VM name? Didn't find the configuration

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You can Customize the VM i.e windows365 Device name from the Endpoint manager.
Would recommend to watch my recent video which explain a lot of what is happening during provisioning =