windows 365 cloud static IP address

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Is there an availability to have all windows 365 users in the same windows 365 business environment to have the same static IP address? Basically, I want to sign up to have all my company users to use windows 365 cloud for their company desktops and to whitelist a static IP to allow access to certain websites for added security.

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@jamie_arcrm Thanks for the feature ask. At this time we do not have an out-of-the-box feature aligned with your needs. That said, please use [please provide as much detail as possible, describing the use case as well as how you are acheivng your goals today with a physical/virtual PC] to place this feature ask on our triage list for engineering investments and we will prioritize and build  it as soon as we can! 

Meantime, Microsoft Endpoint for Defender (MDE) provides capabilities for web content filter, this would be an additional cost above your Windows 365, read more at the link below.

@Joydeep Mukherjee can't a NAT gateway be used on the subnet the win 365 vm's are on? They'd all have the same outbound ip then. 

Had the same ask due to whitelisted portals needing acccess. We setup a NAT gateway on the vNet with a static IP.