Windows 365 Cloud PC Configuration Profiles and Policies

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We are rolling out Autopilot devices as well as Cloud PC. Is it possible to separate the Cloud PC configuration profile with Autopilot devices that gets enrolled (including Config profile, Compliance policies, Apps deployment etc... )from those of Autopilot? As, I see that all are falling under the All devices categories and whatever CSP we are applying for Autopilot devices gets applied to Cloud PC since we login with the same credentials on both?


Any suggestions, thoughts or am I clear what I am posting here?

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Hi oryxway, do i understand it correctly, that you want to assign a differen policy set to your cloud pc then to your autopilot devices? Or do you want to separate them for management purposes like role based access control? Grtz Ruud

@oryxway - If you're trying to separate the policies that apply to Cloud PCs from policies that apply to other enrolled Windows devices, we have specific guidance on how to target Cloud PCs with a filter or with a dynamic group. Mostly, the device fields that are unique for Cloud PCs are:

  • Device model
  • Enrollment profile name

@askaresh Thanks for the info. Yes, I started using filters and dynamic groups. Hopefully that helps but the one issue I saw is how do I apply the filter? I did not see where I can apply the filter. Should it be applied to the Dynamic Groups?

Hi @oryxway390,


You use filters during the assignment of the policies and applications. For example, you can assign a policy to All Users and then use the filter for the include or exclude all Windows 365 Cloud PC's


Let's say you have a policy you want to assign to all users that don't use a W365 Cloud PC.

  • First you create a filter that contains all Cloud PC's. The rule to use will be (device.model -contains "Cloud PC") as described here.
  • Go to the assignment page of the policy you want to assign and Add all users
  • Then you click Edit filter to assign the filter. Here you will choose Exclude and you select the filter All Cloud PC's you created earlier

Now the policy will apply to all users without a Cloud PC. I hope this helps.