Windows 365 Business Virtual Machine Connection keeps terminating (cloud PC)

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I have a cloud PC through Microsoft Business 365.  My connection terminates every hour or so.  When I try and reconnect it says I already have a remote session in progress and I need to close the window and login again. 

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We have had several users reporting this same behavior over the last couple of weeks all running the Windows 365 Enterprise.

@dfiorito I started opening my virtual machine connection through the azure desktop app instead of the remote connection but I am still getting a restart message with the attached error message. Does Microsoft have an actual support contact that can help? I was directed to post to this forum but have not received any answers. If I'm using the azure desktop connection interface I should be supported by azure. 

@dfiorito I have the same issue, any solution yet?

I had similar behavior and it was CIS policies from a CIS Windows 10 Template.

I had to change these policies:

Always Prompt for password upon connection - Disabled
Allow Users to connect remotely by using Remote Desktop Services - Not Configured