Windows 365 Business provisioning to specific region

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Can anyone tell me how to choose the region when deploying Windows 365 Business Cloud computers?

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@StuartJackson - Currently, this is option is not available, and Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs are created in accordance to the location of your Azure Active Directory tenant.


Can you please file a feedback item here for us to continue evaluating the interest for this level of granularity - ?

Thanks for the reply. I did submit feedback on the need for this.
I purchased this license through my indirect provider. I only had office365 when I added the Windows 365 desktop, and my 365 admin center data location lists the United States. When I deployed the desktop it ended up in Virginia. Does this mean that my desktop is only as specific as any US region if I only use office365?

This would also be very useful for us. I'm in the UK, and my first Cloud PC was located in Ireland, which wasn't such an issue as it defaulted to English.

However, my current Cloud PC is located in the Netherlands, so many websites display content relevant for the Netherlands (often in Dutch). Search engines show results from the Netherlands, too. I'm finding I constantly have to switch languages/countries/currencies, which would be frustrating to end users if we roll this out more widely.

Our tenant is based in Switzerland.


I have upvoted @StuartJackson's feature request here:



I find this frustrating also.  In the end I cancelled my subscription.


One Microsoft tech did say that you can choose the region the PC is provisioned in when you have an enterprise license.  Not sure if this is an E1, E2, E3 O365 License and a Windows 365 enterprise subscription.  No one seems to be able to confirm this.