Windows 365 and Azure AD Domain Services

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We tried to deploy Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC's but it looks like we just hit a wall because we don't have a "real" Active Directory with Ad Connect running, we use Azure AD Domain Services. If I understand the documentation correctly this scenario is not supported for the enterprise model, please correct me if I'm wrong...


If this is the case, are there any plans to make Windows 365 Enterprise work with Azure AD Domain Services?


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@Bartosz_Ostern, I just updated the docs since we get this question often, AAD DS is not supported because it doesn't support Hybrid Azure AD join.  Windows 365 requirements | Microsoft Docs


When we launch support to AADJ a device then that will support AAD DS.  

Dear Eric,

AADJ being avaible in the meantime, can you confirm AAD DS are supported now on Azure AD Join Windows 365 Enterprise deployments?

Thank you.