Window 365 Cloud PC Queries

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We want to know a few queries before buying window 365 cloud PC for Enterprises

Query 1: What will be the server location of cloud PC because we have some software which can not be run on out of country server.

Query 2: Can be take backup on external hard disk.

Query 3: can we run digital signature upon Window cloud PC.

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1) Location of the Cloud PC is based on where the VNET location is.
2) Soon, we'll offer way to snapshot but this is not intended for backup rather forensic analysis and also point in time restore, neither of these two are backup in the sense you desire. What solution do you use for physical PC backups?
3) could you explain more please?

Thanks for your reply but what will be the VNET Location because we need Indian VNET, is VNET location of cloud PC situated in India or not? and still my second and third query have not been resolve.
in response to your second point reply we want to inform to you that we use "External hard disk for physical backups after some interval time to time.
3) For sign digitally on web portal we have to insert physical token in our USB port of the physical PC and sign the document easily but my query is that how it can be work in cloud PC?

@bktyagi do you have any success on making the USB port work for digital signature?