Whats the simpelst way to run thr required URL check tool?

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I do have a vNET with S2S to my on-prem environment. Between there is a not Microsoft FW, which might block some URLs. I dont have any virtual machines or running W365 Cloud Pcs.
What is the simplest way to run the url check tool? I tried to install a win 2019 server as VM inside azure portal with the vNET thst i want to use for Windoed 365, but i didnt see any agent client installed. I am didnt find also a download link.


Any idea?
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Would recommend to configure a OPNC and allow network and health checks to be evaluated/run, if failures then results will be displayed with specifics on what is blocked. We don't have adhoc/side tool.
Hi eric, thank you for the reply.
I already ussed OPNC, but it doesnt really tell me which url failed. So i ended up with creatong a host pool in Azure with a VM. Inside the VM i was able to run the URL checker tool, because the agent was installed. Thank you.