What are the different types of Office 365 migration, and which one is best for my organization?

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Hello everyone,


I am currently researching the different types of Office 365 migration and would love to hear your suggestions on which one would be best for my organization. From my initial research, I have found that there are four types of Office 365 migration: Staged Migration, Cutover Migration, Hybrid Migration, and IMAP Migration


I would appreciate any insights or experiences you have had with these different types of migration. What are the pros and cons of each method? Which one would be best for a small organization with less than 150 users? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi Adam,

I've done dozens of mailbox-migrations in the past years. In my opinion, the best tool out there is BitTitan MigrationWiz.

You can migrate the bulk of the mailbox data a couple of days prior to the cutover moment. At the cutover moment, you change the MX-records and migrate the rest (delta) of the data.

Please note that the bulk of the data can take days to migrate! Also, don't forget to increase EWS Throttling in the Microsoft 365 tenant(s) prior to the start of the migration.