W365: Support for Partners

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We would like to start getting our hands dirty with W365, have planned lots of deliveries for it. We would like to know if there is any scope for partners and ISVs like us to test the W365 using our Partner benefits ?

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You can sign up for trial licenses for two months to test, and then convert to paid solutions as needed. Further partner benefits are under review.

@Steven DeQuincey 

As a Partner we have tried to use the 2 Month free trial and were denied, it just says we are not Entitled.

We've now purchased 1 license instead but it seems a shame.



@CosmicRob I disagree, I think this creates a new category of business opportunity for partners.


I've been lucky to get the free trial and it's working great, the reason free trials are disabled is because of the demand, however Microsoft is looking to allocate more resources in the near future. 

@CosmicRob, @KloudifyTechnology  is correct for the reasons stated .  We will reenable trials shortly so stay tuned.  There is a signup to be notified when they are available again.  With that said, for now there is no official IUR (internal use rights) available for W365 which you might be used to for other Microsoft products.  To learn more about partner opportunities, feel free to register for the Windows 365 partner go-to-market (GTM) webinar on August 18th.

I don't think so, we tried to sign up as soon as the product was released, the disabling of the trial happend later. I went through the process as a different business (not using our Partner Tenant) and was allowed so why the "Not Entitled" response? Was it because we were a Partner?
I don't understand the "business opportunity for Partners" We purchased and are still waiting to be able to use it in our own location, we are way behind now.