W365 Geo Location issue

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We are a UK Business and MS Partner and purchased a Business Cloud PC yesterday to test.
Our Cloud PC location is set as the Netherlands, talking to an Agent right now they say this is how it is, you will be assigned a location randomly. All web and searches are in Dutch, even down to the News and Interests in the Tasks.

Am I being unreasonably to think this unacceptable?





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I guess I'll answer this myself. 

It's not acceptable, is no one else getting this issue?

How do I get around this as MS have now gone silent on the problem?



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Hi Rob, We are looking into this; I will reach out to you via the support case that you currently have open. Regards, Joe
Hi All,
I've received an update to this issue, thank you Joe.
The VM stays in the same Azure region as the customer but is assigned the data centre based on capacity demand and there is no way to change this.
We seem to of been unlucky and assigned West Europe DC, although we have a Virtual PC and other product in UKSouth, so we are stuck with Dutch.
We will give up and try again in a month to see what happens but incredibly frustrating.

Only 32 Discussions here on this forum which seems low and trying to search for "Windows 365" -- Anything is nearly a total loss for search engines to differentiate from Office 365 results.
I'm sure others would be complaining so my thoughts are what has everyone got, are we JUST unlucky?


@CosmicRob @Joeno78 

We have this issue too - as I suspect many others do too! I understand it's to do with capacity at each centre (so many people signing for free trials), but they could still assign a UK IP address for UK customers and the issue would be resolved. 


When I spoke to Microsoft Support they said the issue was out of their scope and referred me to a number in the USA who then fobbed me off (after keeping me on hold for almost an hour) with "visit our website for support" guess you're lucky that someone knowledgable answered your request. 

Hi Ray,
We are a Microsoft Partner but still that's not great support. What I think really annoying is the approach that
A. No one saw this was going to be an issue
B. Europe happens to be more than one country
C. The ability to fix this seems a huge task
D. Offering a 2 month free trial was a wise thing
E. Calling the product Windows 365 would cause searching issues
F. Having the Enterprise version need a Hybrid AD was OK

I think someone needs to admit this product was rushed out, it’s the only reason…. Isn’t it?
I was excited about this product and this maybe the reason I’m so annoyed, so apologies.


Hi Rob,


I agree, I think the poor end user support issue is because they haven't had time to give their support teams adequate training yet. I've seen other big tech companies ( I don't need to name them lol) have the same support issues shortly after launching a new product/service. Do we even know if they have UK based servers for W365? If so is it just a matter of waiting for all the 2 month trials to end so UK capacity comes back? I might set up a VPN for a quick fix!





This is amazingly short sighted and U N A C C E P T A B L E on Microsoft's part!!! As far as every online service is concerned, I am now in Singapore. Close, but I'm 3900 miles from there in Australia.

This is a 100% busted feature and in quite insane. It is not a cosmetic inconvenience.

We have purchased a Business Cloud PC yesterday to test.
Our Cloud PC location is set as the Netherlands, but we are in Germany.

The same problem :(