W365 - AADJ driven provisioning policy - CPC cannot be logged into

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Resolution process for those who have this as well:


Microsoft unable to advise issue and had no idea on why it wasn't working.


After getting back to looking into this, errors looked like routing issue, this turned out to be correct.


If you have already setup a ONPC using Hybrid join type then you need only create a new subnet in the same vNet and routing will work correctly.


Using same subnet as Hybrid join type will also result in routing failure.





Hi All,


Looking for some ideas around my current issue.


Previously configured successfully Windows 365 Enterprise via setting up new domain for client + AADC. The cloud pcs worked as expected joining intune / domain etc and they could be used as intended.


Since the client doesn't want to manage the DC's, I'm configuring some new VM's using the new provisioning policy of Join Type  'Azure AD Join'.


When using a new provisioning policy configured to use Azure AD Join I am receiving the following error


The remote PC ended your session. If this keeps happening ask your admin or tech support for help.'
Items checked:
Ensure login isn't blocked by any MFA (can see user being 'Successfully logged in' to AVD AAD sign in logs)
Ensure PKU2U is allowed via intune (Yep, can see it applied in intune)
License check + image type (well, wouldn't build if not)
NSG not blocking any required ports / services (not that I could find)
Next steps when I have time:
Create new vNet and have the AAD Joined CPC's use the new vNet / Allow all traffic outbound
Since time of posting have created new vNet / OPNC ( Azure AD Join type) after removing previously built CPC and previous network connection.
No NSG / Firewall /  custom DNS (did try at one point though) for new vNet
Out of ideas for now, will update if I try anything else.
Any other thoughts on what I've missed in regards to this one would be helpful.
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@Grebfinismydndname : Thanks for taking the time to update this thread. This is odd, as we've seen multiple customers be successful creating both an Azure AD Join and a Hybrid Azure AD Join On-Premises Network Connection using the same subnet.


We'll continue monitoring this to see if your case is the "rule" as opposed to the "exception."