The update KB5012170 fails with error 0x800f0922

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I am using Windows 365 Business and noticed that update KB5012170 cannot be installed. It always fails with error code 0x800f0922. This seems to be a known issue as it is documented here:


As there's no possibility to update the UEFI of the cloud PC, I assume the only thing we can do at the moment is to wait until Microsoft fixes this problem?


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In general, you have to wait for the fix and as you said updating hardware and firmware are in hand of Microsoft. You may also create a support ticket and contact Microsoft Support for more help.

@Reza_Ameri Understood, I guess I'm gonna wait in this case. Thanks for the reply!

It is also good idea to file a support ticket, so the Windows team will start investigating the issue.

@GreenBear I'm also seeing this. I've opened a case with Microsoft about it.

Same problem here. Affected PC has been updating smoothly until today.


I did all sfc and DISM commands but to no avail. 



Did you get a response and fix for it from MS yet?  I have the same issue and it is filling up my logs on my cloud pc.  

Same issue and I opened a ticket with SoftwareOne (our CSP). I've been bounced from Intune team, to Update team, now to Windows team. They don't understand after repeated attempts that this is a Windows 365 issue. I'll post if a fix is provided.

@johnjjohn Same here. I open a case to Microsoft... Will see...

we are seeing same issue. its interesting we dont see it on all of our Windows 365 machines but about half (of ~ 300 total) . Still waiting on fix

@GreenBear  -- same here,  i actually posted this on the Cloud PC Discussion (MS Teams) along with opening a premier case.   This error is showing up daily for all our Cloud PC users in update history.  This update continuously downloads and simply fails..  seems to be an endless loop that isn't necessary.   At least its not impacting anything other than consuming a bit of bandwidth

Which Teams discussion, I would love to participate as well.

@GreenBear Same issue here as well. Windows 365 Business. Was there any solution already from MS side? Thanks in advance

Hi Miguel, could you post the discussion link here? Would join the topic. Thanks in advance
At some point the update simply disappeared from the list - even if I manually search for updates.

@GreenBear Weird, it still appears here and fails constantly. 



No resolution and per MS support "the issue is recognized, and a fix is coming.". I've been told to wait until the fix is released, and there is no timing for a fix.

@johnjjohnI am surprised you are still seeing this occurring as ours was remediated after opening a Microsoft Premiere Support case. I was then advised product team was reviewing and shortly deploying a fix. Since then, we now see that KB successfully updated on our CPC desktops.2022-11-30_12-55-16.jpg

That is strange. Some of our CPC's no longer display the update, while other display the last failed attempt to install.

Is the last failed attempt recent.? Do you still see those workstations attempting to download that KB? I find your situation odd as some no longer display while others are failing.

What I noticed on ours - all that I checked showed up with successfully updated KB. I would of expected MS would of skipped or made this KB not applicable to CPC since it seems linked to TMP and related to Secure Boot - which on CPC SB state is off