storage capacity on W365 Business

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Hope this isn't a daft question, but a little confused over say:-

2 vCPU4 GB RAM64 GB Storage

So does this mean each user has 64Gb of local storage?

So if I have 10 users, does that give a total SHARED capacity of 640Gb or is it all individual.

Also, as W365 gives access to Onedrive surely user be saving common files to OneDrive which has a much higher capacity. Hope someone can advise, thanks.

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think of it as you are renting a computer for each user, and that is the spec for each computer. it's one per user.


if you have 10 users and you rent 10 Cloud PC's at this spec then they will each get that spec. it's not pooled.


Only one user will ever login to this computer. when that user leaves you take the license away and that computer is deleted another user starts and they get a brand new computer.


with 64GB of disk space you are going to have to avoid doing much locally, so if you are using SharePoint then maybe only use it through a browser.


if you have one drive synced and working use cached files this way only used files are downloaded and taking up space. make sure you clear this up regularly.


If using outlook watch your ost file size. I am just testing at the moment and outlook limited me to only 1 months emails to be downloaded which is fine but I don't know if this came from a policy I have set or default for all cloudPC computers



Thanks for this, hadn't considered the OST file on Outlook taking up space. I'll check that out.