SSO for deployed W365 Ent CPC's

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Newly provisioned AAD joined CPC's can use SSO (in preview as of 12/12/22) for CPC login. Will there be a path to SSO for CPC's previously deployed?


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Provision Azure Active Directory Join Cloud PCs with single sign-on

Windows 365 now supports creating Azure Active Directory Join Cloud PCs that use single sign-on for Cloud PC login. Existing Cloud PCs won’t have single sign-on configured. 

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At the movement the only way to get the older provisioned Cloud PC with SSO is to reprovision them. You can raise a feature request here and enough upvotes and some retrofit solution might come-up -
Sure, hopefully reprovision is not the way for feature updates to CPC's. This was the case when secure boot was made available and hopefully this won't be necessary for the W365 boot feature that is upcoming.