Single app, kiosk browser and Windows 365

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Looking to set up a browser in kiosk mode that opens directly, and only, to the portal. Thereby locking the user to their Cloud PC and not allowing generalized browsing from the terminal machine.


In testing, it became obvious that other URLs, besides had to be added to the allow list in the Intune policy. These included: - for account/password updates

and for good measure.


What we're looking for is a definitive list of URLs/domains that need to be accessible by the machine running the kiosk mode browser. Is that published anywhere, or does it have to be pieced together via trial and error and from the various articles on Azure Virtual Desktop?

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@Jason_Eaby We surfaced your question during today's episode of Windows 365 AMA. Please see the panel's answer at around 17:10.

Hi @Jason_Eaby, not sure if you still seeking for an answer, but please have a look to this article for the complete list: