Setting up cloud PC stucks at VSB_Policy_with_Microsoft_365_Apps

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I got my License for Windows 365 Business and assigned it.

Now it says Setting up cloud PC but it it Sitting there vor Hours and not 10 to 30 Minutes.

Stucks at VSB_Policy_with_Microsoft_365_Apps.


So no clue what should i do.

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@HansWalter Same issue here. Can't find any details related to the issue.

Canceled my License for Windows 365 Business. Maybe i try if Windows 365 Enterprise will work but the setting are more complex. Not decided yet.
I get the same error, hope this will be fixed soon so that we can test Windows 365 Business.

@nicowyss and others facing this issue: This is an active investigation our side, we will fix this asap.

Have had this issue for 2 days. @HansWalter 

Hi, is the problem solved? I got the same issue

Seem to be getting the same issue here.


Did you manage to get around this?



Microsoft says: This is an active investigation our side, we will fix this asap.
They stopped the Windows 365 Trials since the high demand.
Tried it a serveral times but get stucked even i use Microsoft 365 Business Premium and wait overnight. So this should be a bigger issue with some Accounts.
Same here w365 business, all ready got the quotation but no working product ;-(
Also encountering with this problem for few hours, will there be a way to restart the setup progress?
Anyone manage to get around this, I also have the same issue, "Setting up Cloud PC" now for almost a week. How can one restart the process, will that even help?

@AndrewGericke - For those who haven't already, I'd encourage to file a support ticket through the Microsoft Admin Center (steps here - ).


Also, please check that your Azure AD tenant is set so that all users able to join devices to Azure AD, then re-logon to .



I have the same issue with no response from support team on my ticket either. I paid for business license for no working product.



Same issue here. It is stuck on VSB_Policy_with_Microsoft_365_Apps and has been for 3 days after purchasing a business license. Moreover, I submitted a ticket over 24 hours ago, and no one has contacted me. I was so excited to use this service as a test run for transitioning the majority of my company. Now, not so much. 



Hi @snevas and @rahester1977, thank you for raising a support ticket with our support team. Just reached out to you both in a private message through Tech Community to get your ticket numbers to investigate!

@Intune_Support_Team We have the same problem. I created a support case two days ago, no response.

Hi @Marien1986, just reached out to you in a private message through Tech Community to get your ticket number to investigate!

I have the same issue here; I have a ticket without any responses from tech support.
Support still could not fix the issue and tried to blame the "demand" on the system. Their work-around in Azure failed , also. Just canceled my subscription.