Remote Desktop Error - Windows 10 Pro

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Trying to connect from my Windows 10 laptop to my Win365 Cloud PC results in:


Error code: 0x9735
Extended error code: 0x0
Activity ID: {651f8d87-1833-44a8-940d-04a9b1d20000}


Doing the same from my Mac works perfectly!


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I'm having the same issue on my Windows 11 PC using the Remote Desktop app.

My MacBook Pro and Mac Mini have had no issues connecting. Web access via the browser works fine too from all devices.


UPDATE: I got it working! I uninstalled the Remote Desktop app via the Settings menu and then redownloaded it directly from the Windows 365 web portal:


After redownloading the app and re-subscribing to the workplace URL, I'm now able to connect to my cloud PC from my Windows 11 device.

thanks for that idea, uninstall helped me too! Only downside is you lose all your remembered connections :cry: