Remote Desktop Client Keeps Asking Me To Login - Can't Subscribe

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Hello Experts, 

Please help.

1) I SIGN UP for Windows 365 and started a free trial
2) I CREATE a new user and assigned them a license. This starts creating a Cloud PC for that user.
3) I DOWNLOAD the Remote Desktop Client application
4) I SUBSCRIBE using credentials set up in step #2.


Everything works. I am able to connect to the Cloud PC.
I disconnect.


Now I go to another machine:
1) I DOWNLOAD the same Remote Desktop Client application
2) I SUBSCRIBE using credentials set up

It loads the login prompt screen... I enter the credentials... it shows as though it successfully logged in, but prompts me again to login.

Again and again it asks me to login. On the 3rd attempt, I get the following error:
We couldn't sign you in. Error code: CAA20004

What is going on?

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Does this help. Sounds similar to your issue:


Text from the post in case the link stops working for any reason

I fixed the issue by adding consent to the WVD app. It was missing from the Spring 2020 documentation. Check out the steps to fix the issue below

@CookieW I followed the instructions, but it did not work for me. Still getting the Login screen again and again.

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I was able to finally resolve the issue! (MS was no help - they could not solve the issue)

But I was able to solve the issue by creating a new local administrator account on the client.
Using the Remote Desktop Client application from the new account - I had no more issues connecting.

So it was user-account related issue.