RDP Client - "available bandwidth"

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have detailed information on what 'available bandwidth' actually means when looking at windows 365 rdp connection details?

Sometimes our users see above 30mbps and sometimes they see below 8mbps. Also happens to me and I seem to correlate it with poor user experience when available bandwidth is low but when checking  all expects of user's home network, all the speed tests, pings and even running rtt test tool to microsoft data center all show great connection. Me for example, have 500 down / 20 up and i can sometimes experience available bandwidth in range of 4-5mbps and might last all day. Other days I may see 38-40mbps Was hoping someone can provide details on what this metric is actually measuring and how it applies to windows 365 and if low... what would be troubleshooting steps because does not seem to be internet speeds or local bandwidth availability. Hope someone can shed light. Doc only show statements like..."network bandwidth observed during sessions with the specified CPC sample sets" . Thank you all.

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Hi @tricks79 did you manage to find a solution to the problem? 
We're having a similar issue with our users.


They are all connected to the same landline 100/100mb and all run the same kind of tasks (It's a contanct center) but some are able to generate very high bandwidth usage.
Any idea as how this happens?