Public preview of Multimedia Redirection upgrades on Windows 365


New upgrades to multimedia redirection (MMR) on Windows 365 are now available in public preview. These updates enable your users to enjoy a smoother video playback experience while watching videos in the Windows 365 browser. These updates provide users with access to more media controls and also allow MMR to work on additional websites, such as Facebook, IMBD, YouTube, and Fox Sports.



Both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome support the new multimedia redirection video upgrades.

Getting started

To enjoy the new multimedia redirection upgrades, the latest MSI installer is required. Please refer to our Multimedia redirection for Windows 365 documentation for guidance on how to set up Multimedia Redirection.  

For a list of known websites that work with MMR by default, click here.

Multimedia Redirection upgrades are also available on Azure Virtual Desktop. For more information, see the Azure Virtual Desktop Blog.

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