Provisioning Windows 365 Enterprise fails

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We are setting up a test for with Windows 365 Enterprise. We have setup the polices and we have assign the licenses. And we see actually that the Cloud PC should be made ready, but the status is pending.



When looking at the details it says:


But we don't have any in the pending status and we have the licenses assigned otherwise they would not show up there at all.


In Office 365 for that account it shows the license is assigned.


What could be the issue that makes it think that the are no licenses available?


Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.




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Seems like you are using the ANC, make sure the health of the ANC is green and the DNS, firewalls are not blocking any type of communication. As a test I would create a new or edit the Provisioning policy and not use the ANC and use Microsoft Managed network just to remove doubts around ANC causing the failure in provisioning.

Read the Overview section -
I am having the same issue. No cloud pcs in grace and licenses assigned to my only two test users but still stuck on pending with Grace Period error. I tried dropping my ANC from the provisioning profile and using the Microsoft Hosted Network but issues still persists. Wondering if you ever found a fix?