Problems to establish a VPN connection via OpenVPN on Windows 365

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Dear all,


Yesterday I started my first Windows 365 Cloud PC and it is really cool. Right now, there is only one problem: I installed the OpenVPN client (community version), because I wanted to establish a VPN connection to connect via RDP to our servers. That would be useful for external staff e.g. But the VPN connection can not be established. I tried it on other platforms like for example my local WIN10 and iPad and it just works fine. But not on Windows 365. Is there anything I have to set up? Maybe firewall rules?


Thanks and KR


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I'm working through same issue at moment, Windows 365 cloud pc VPN (PPTP) to our site fails , i've had these doc sent from Microsoft which explains GRE isn't supported so i think that is the issue. I'm just not sure what the solution is yet. Hi Peter, you may find this article answers some questions re the VPN. I'm also trying to use a PPTP VPN and it appears it uses GRE which is blocked.