Prevent file transfer out of Windows 365

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We're currently testing Windows 365 Business edition. Ours is pretty much an out-of-the-box setup.


Ultimately, we need to implement a few security measures that will help us protect our intellectual property by preventing the user from transferring files out of the Windows 365 virtual machine e.g. no copying to user's local machine, no FTP'ing or transferring to DropBox or any other storage service. 


Basically, we want all the work user creates to stay within the Windows 365 instance. Is this possible with Windows 365 Business edition? I do believe we can do all this with Windows 365 Enterprise edition. Is this correct?



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@Sam Uresin - Thanks for the patience, this must have slipped through.


Correct, it's very simple to do through Windows 365 Enterprise, since the offering requires management through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Here's the documentation for doing that - .


With that being said, if you are able to push policies to the Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs, then you would just target the same settings.