Outbound data volume limits of Windows 365 Business

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I have the following questions for the outbound data volume limits of W365 Business.

  1. What types of data transferred activities are considered and counted as outbound data and restricted when they reach the particular usages that are mentioned in this FAQ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365/faq?
    • Between terminal devices and a W365 Cloud PC.
    • Between Cloud PC and internet.
    • What else?
  2.  Where can we monitor how much outbound data volume of W365 business we consume so far each month? or Any recommended tool to do so.
  3. Are these the consequences when a cloud pc data egress reaches the limits in a month?
    • Connection between terminal devices will be slower
    • Connection between Cloud PC itself and the internet will be slower. 
  4. Is outbound data utilization cleared and restarted counting from zero when we reset a cloud pc during the month?



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This article provides a good explanation = https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365/enterprise/requirements-network#bandwidth

We don't state the total amount of traffic utilized, they key point being is that our product terms forbid the use of server like capabilities on Cloud PC's, meaning, FTP or web servers, Plex Servers, etc.