Microsoft Teams media optimizations is now Generally Available on Windows 365 for macOS


We are happy to announce that Microsoft Teams media optimizations on Windows 365 for macOS is now Generally Available. With media optimizations, Teams on Windows 365 now supports audio and video calling and meeting functionality by redirecting audio and video to the local macOS device. 


Getting Started 

To experience Teams media optimizations, please install Microsoft Remote Desktop client 10.7.7 from the Mac App Store and ensure that the feature is enabled on the client.  


First-time installs of Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.7.7 will have Teams media optimizations enabled by default. For existing Remote Desktop macOS users updating to version 10.7.7, you will need to enable Teams redirection by navigating to Microsoft Remote Desktop Preferences >General, enabling Teams optimizations and restarting the client.  





Setup Teams on Windows 365 

Microsoft Teams comes included in the Windows 11/10 images optimized for Microsoft 365 apps. For more information on how to enjoy the best Teams experience, refer to the Teams on Cloud PC documentation. 


Teams optimizations for macOS is also available on Azure Virtual Desktop. To learn more, visit: 



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