Microsoft stated Windows 365 download speeds misleading?

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I started up my first Windows 365 Enterprise machine today only to be massively disappointed. I did not get anywhere near the touted 10Gbps down/ 4Gbps upload speeds. I'm getting the same bandwidth as the rest of my azure VM's. 


Numerous articles Microsoft touts those speeds such as this youtube video:

Windows 365, your Cloud PC | What it is, how it works, and how to set it up - YouTube


So is it just a configuration issue, those speeds are only available to Windows 365 Business (doesn't go through company Azure), or is Microsoft misleading?



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There is nothing specific to Windows 365 with the network config.  I created a VNET in Azure West US 2 and I have peerings to East US and East Europe.  I installed the SpeedTest app from the Microsoft store on my Cloud PC.


I just ran the test again this morning and here were my results:





I reran the test using Windows 365 Business.  This is a 2 core 8 gig VM with clean install.  My Tenant is based in Washington, USA so this VM is likely located on the US West coast. Here are my results:




@Scott Manchester 


This is promising. I have all my public IP's set to Microsoft Network. I'm not sure what else could be limiting Windows 365 to only ~1GBps down/up.


Turns out our firewall was the limiting factor. Max throughput is 1GB.