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Hallo Zusammen,


wir sind Microsoft Partner mit Action Pack und Silver Status (Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions).

Nun gibt es für die Partner diverse Vorteile wie zum Beispiel Microsoft 365 E3, Azure Credits, etc...

Wird es in Zukunft auch den Windows 365 Cloud PC als Vorteil geben? Wir wären sehr interessiert de Windows 365 Cloud PC über längere Zeit zu testen.


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@stefanbrun ,


We are working on a couple of different options for Panter Trials.  

CDX Demo - You will be able to request an entire environment include tenant and all required licensing.  - Targeting this by end of the quarter or sooner.

IUR (Internal User Rights) - This give you access to licenses based on competency.  We are targeting Q3CY22


In the interim, please reach out to me ( and I can provide you with a trial license to suit your needs.


As a CSP partner you have access to customer trials through NCE.  Currently you can order a W365 Business edition trial for customer use.  We are working to also provide access to W365 Enterprise trials by the end of this quarter.