Microsoft Exchange / Outlook issue

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We have recently changed our e-mail host to IONOS


We have the same e-mail as when we were using the Microsoft 365 exchange server.


We now get our mail through the IONOs webclient.  


We set up outlook on our phone with auto discover and it works, so auto discover is configured correctly.


We can not set up Outlook desktop app as it keeps on thinking that we have the old  365 server which is no longer in use - we have manually set up many times, but Outlook is still holding old data somewhere.


I suspect the registry is still directing Outlook to look for the 365 servers.


Has anyone known about this issue in the past and  able to offer a solution?


I believe I would just need the correct info to Edit the registry with.


Many thanks!!

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And if you create a new Outlook profile, does it work then? That and deleting Office related credentials from the credential manager seems like a good start