Internet Geolocation is wrong by 3900 miles!!

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Using W365 Business, all regional and language settings set correctly to Australia. When I use the internet I am to all intents and purposes in Singapore - almost 4000 miles away.


This has MASSIVE implications for the end user experience using many many Internet services and sites.


How can Microsoft think this is OK?!

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Windows 365 Business uses two factors to determine where a Cloud PC resides, billing address on the tenant and capacity. Your geolocation is in fact correct, the Cloud PC is based in Singapore. Make sure that your billing address is in Australia, and reset your device on This may result in you getting a new Cloud PC based closer to your actual location. However, Windows 365 Business provides no guarantees of Cloud PC location. If you want granular control of location you must use Windows 365 Enterprise. 

Wow, I can't find the words to describe how incredibly flawed that is - no guarantee of location! How about you include that in your advertising and FAQ and see how well it is received. Amazing. It's all well and good to say - use 365 Enterprise; except it relies on an on-prem network connect to AD. And yes, I am already aware that "Support for Azure AD joined Cloud PCs" is "in development" for Enterprise, so there will be no need for an on-prem connection - but "in development" doesn't help.