Hybrid (remote plus office work) BYOD users with Cloud PC and corporate network

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We have an office setup where each desk is configured with double monitors. Some desks have ethernet connectivity to corporate LAN whereas others connect to LAN using corporate WiFi. There is guest WiFi available too.


We are considering using W365 Cloud PC as a replacement for company physical desktops. Users can  choose to have company managed physical laptop or a cloud PC which they can access from their own device. 


Problem is when the cloud PC users wants to come to office, they would want to connect their laptops to our double monitors. This means plugging in unmanaged personal devices to cables which have reach to our LAN. Even though, unmanaged device will fail to connect to LAN, I believe it still poses a security risk.


Anyone has come across a similar problem. Would love to hear your thoughts?





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@Gurdev Singh - Thanks for posting... an interesting discussion for sure. Like you mentioned, we've heard some customers separate by only using WiFi, then deploying WiFi certificates to managed devices for the "Trusted" WiFi.


What's available on the LAN? Is it required?

Thanks @Christian_Montoya. LAN has quite a few legacy applications some of which may be made available on cloud PC using on-premises connectivity.

We currently use the same setup where connectivity to LAN via WiFI is authenticated using certificates. May be we need to explore the same solution to also secure connectivity from wired ethernet.