Having Trouble Accessing Windows 365 Functionality

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I assigned our trial license to a specific user, logged in to the MEM admin center as that user, and went to Devices -] Windows 365, but it only shows the landing page. I watched the video at and I thought the issue may be that I needed to add the Cloud PC Administrator role to my user, but when I attempted to do that, "Cloud PC Administrator" is not an option in the list of roles. Please help me resolve this issue so that we can see if Windows 365 meets our needs while our trial is still active!

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Could you confirm if you purchased a Business or Enterprise license for Windows 365?

If a Business license was purchased then only licensing assignment is needed, there is no integration with MEM, just assign the license and then have user navigate to Win365 app in Office hub to launch there Cloud PC. This article explains

If Enterprise license was purchased there is a lot more pre-requests needed, read more about Enterprise option for WIn365 here =
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Thank you, Eric! The video confused me because it made it seem like I had to perform a bunch of steps in the MEM admin center before I could start using Windows 365. After following your steps, I was able to log in to my instance!