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Our company is curious about the current state of virtual GPUs being available for our Cloud PCs. This item has been on the roadmap for some time but recently was removed.  Our company needs GPU features to do our application development and testing. We were very hopeful that GPU support would arrive for Windows 365 so that we can take full advantage of it.


Are GPU licenses still planned for Windows 365?

Are GPU licenses going to be available for Windows 365 Business?


Thanks for any info you can provide.

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@Daniel_BA Not sure, if you can use it with Windows 365, but try to use GPU-Z for checking GPU Instance details.

Or you can also other software mentioned here

Thanks, but we already know Cloud PC's do not have GPU capabilities.

This was on the Roadmap for "In Development" features for a long time. But it was recently removed:

### Support for Cloud PC sizes based on virtual graphics processing units (GPU)

New Windows 365 licenses will be available that include virtual graphics processing unit options that support advanced graphic workloads on Cloud PCs. ###

We are wondering if there's an update as to when these GPU licenses will be available. We need them for our development work.
GPU instances are currently not supported in Windows 365, if you need high GPU VMs please consider Azure Virtual Desktop.

@Aavisek ChoudhuryYes we are aware of other services that provide virtual GPUs including Azure Virtual Desktop. However the simplicity of Windows 365 makes it attractive to us, for every day use and also for billing. Microsoft had plans to implement Cloud PCs with virtual GPUs -- but it appears they have cancelled those plans? It was removed from the roadmap without comment. Official word on this topic would be very welcome for future planning purposes.

Has there been any update on this? GPU is critical in order to transition to Windows 365 for a VDI solution.
Any news about having VGPU support in Windows 365. I really didn't see what is the pbs about this possibility ?