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Enable restart in Start Menu using Intune

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Hi all. I've run into a few situations were having a Restart option from the Start menu would be nice (instead of restarting from the Web UI). I see some are setting registry keys to add this feature, and this can be pushed via Intune using ps with Proactive Remediation. I was wondering if this option is available in the Settings Catalog of a device policy or somewhere else in Intune.



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Put all the feature request for Windows 365 here - If enough upvote the feature might come into the mainstream.
Done! Upvoted the feature request.
Has anyone been given an official recommendation from Microsoft on how to enabled Restart button on Windows 11 Cloud pcs?

@tricks79 I haven't heard anything official from MS, but I addressed the issue by using a Device Configuration policy to unhide the Restart option from the Start Menu, and I used a Device Script to add the Authenticated Users local group to the User Rights Assignment "Shut down the system" privilege. Once both are applied, the device can be restarted from the Start Menu.


There's an episode of Windows in the Cloud tomorrow at 8AM PST. I'll bring this up if I make the call.