Doubled up MS accounts - Personal & Work/school

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I've had a long running issue with what appears to me of two instances of MS accounts.  I have a personal account which I can log into OK on the web, but it appears that my Outlook 365 Exchange account for my emails goes to what is a Work/School account.  Whenever I try to reset this password for this account, I get a screen suggesting that my PW can't be reset and I need to contact my administrator - which doesn't really work because I am my administrator (am self employed).  I suspect this is a historic legacy issue of account changes through the years.  

The issue is that with the ending of support for Outlook 2007 (my primary email app on home PC), I cannot get a new Outlook account set up as I don't know my work/school account password.  OR, if I select personal account when setting up the new Outlook, I'm told it already exists, but no emails come through nor is there any emails in my folders.  When I go into my personal account and check web mail, again, there are none there. 

How can I merge these two accounts so I don't have this issue?  How do I see my emails in my personal web mail account?  Can anyone please help.  Thanks

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If helped many and this issue is confusing and often frustrating. Unfortunately you cannot merge personal Microsoft account and a work/school account. Contact your administrator to reset your work/school account. For personal account, try to navigate to and login, you'll be prompted to reset password.