disconnected we couldn't connect because there are no available resources

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We have been using Windows 365 for about 5 days - including this morning.  This afternoon, when we try to logon on to Windows 365 we get this error message:



We couldn't connect because there are no available resources


disconnected error 002.jpg


How do we address this issue?



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I am having the same issue and the support folks have no idea what to do.

Error from our RMM on the machine : 3019 error from WVD-Agent

Transport received an exception The remote name could not be resolved: 'rdbroker-g-us-r1.wvd.microsoft.com', when connecting to wss://rdbroker-g-us-r1.wvd.microsoft.com//api/rdAgent/v1 for enum brokerResourceIdUri. To resolve this error, see the troubleshooting guide http://aka.ms/3019

@truerock2 - This question was also discussed in today's Windows 365 AMA@Abraham_Pineda discussed how connectivity health checks can help troubleshoot these types of issues and offered some ideas as to why this can happen.