Customization of the Windows 365 Web Client

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Is it possible to customize the Windows 365 Web Client at We have a customer who would like to customize two things in the client: 

1. They would like to remove the In Session Settings dialog that appears when a user logs in: 


I know that you can prevent the screen from appearing by selecting the Don't show again option, but the customer would like to remove this altogether. 


2. They would also like to remove the Upload file to Cloud PC option in the Web Client Toolbar. 


The reason for both of these requests is that they have prevented the redirection of all resources to the local device, so neither of these would be of much use. 





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For the first requirements I suggest you raise a feature request here giving all the details of why, etc and customer size. -

On the second one you can use the Intune configuration policies to stop upload/download. Thought the options would be listed or show but you will not be able to do anything. use Block Drive Redirection.