Cloud PC "Add App" - for 3PP Apps like AutoCAD, how to add & purchase license

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Being a Cloud PC IT Admin, how can I add a new App e.g., AutoDesk's AutoCAD (not in Microsoft store) to allow it be used by my virtual desktop users?

Also, I cannot just "Add App" without 1st purchasing the license, correct? How does that work? Does Cloud PC expect the license file to be located somewhere before allowing "Add App"?


Any info on the procuring of 3PP software license prior to "Add App" would be greatly appreciated.

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@Nokoyashi - In this case, a Windows 365 Cloud PC acts like a standard Windows 10/11 Enterprise device. Typically, we'll see customers deploy the application through Intune, in which case it will need to be licensed correctly if the app checks for that.


Can you confirm where you're seeing "Add app"? Is this in Microsoft Endpoint Manager?