cloud pc EID reader

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Hello ,

We started a pilot project an will be used cloud PC so the user can use separate protected environment on the laptop .
So i deployed my first cloud pc but i counter 1 issue which is very important.
We need to login with the user EID to authenticate on a browser session and also to start a citrix vpn.
But i cannot see how to port my EID reader to the cloud pc.
Is there any option beside the default(printer,clipboard) to connect a EID reader to the cloud pc?
And no we have no other way's to authenticate on that site(it's not in or hands)
(365 Business)

Thx GIanni,

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Strange i just reboot the virtual pc. Add my card reader and install the EID software again. The device is not recognized in the hardware tab but it seems like i can use my EID Card for now Will test this further for now