Cloud PC Display Name Vs. Computer Name


I have seen a bit of confusion between Windows 365 Cloud PC Display Name Vs. Computer Name. I thought to create a quick discussion thread on this topic so that it can help the IT Community if there is any confusion at all.


I have noticed different methods to change the Display names of Cloud PCs. Both the end-users and admins can change the display name of the Cloud PC. Even there are Graph API options to perform this action.


The following is the Display Name of the Windows 365 Cloud PC, and end-users (w365 client portal) and admins can change this. This display name won't appear in any management tools such as Azure AD, Active Directory, Intune, SCCM, etc. (if I'm not wrong).




The Windows 365 Business admin portal allows you to change the Display Name of the Cloud PC from the admin side.


Thanks to Jitesh's post Cloud PC Remote ActionsThanks to Jitesh's post Cloud PC Remote Actions


The Windows 365 Cloud PC computer name is another property that is part of the core operating system, such as Windows 10 or Windows 11. The computer name is a device property that Azure AD, MEM Intune, and third-party applications use as one of the primary identifiers of a Windows device.


You can use the standard "Windows" methods to change the computer name of the Cloud PC, but I don't think this is supported for the Cloud PC scenario (am I wrong with this assumption?). So, I don't recommend renaming the computer name property of Cloud PCs for whatever reason.




I have tested renaming the computer name of the Cloud PC, and it worked fine. I could still log in to Cloud PC. The name change got reflected in the management tools such as Intune and Azure AD. You have options to Export Windows 365 Cloud PC Names.



I don't see any supported method to remotely change (mainly for the enterprise version of Cloud PC) the computer name of the Cloud PC from MEM Intune. The Cloud PC remote actions on the MEM admin center portal are different from remote actions for other devices.


Thanks for the comments/confirmation from MS!

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@Anoop C Nair : Thanks for posting this Anoop! As you suspected, we don't currently support changing the computer name of Cloud PCs, due to the various pipelines that use this as a property, however we are currently looking to see if/when we could.