Azure AD Join or Hybrid Azure AD Join - Windows 365 Cloud PC

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I have worked in Azure AD Joined Cloud PC environment but now I am implementing Cloud PCs where I would want to know exactly which way to go? Should I go Azure AD joined with our network and licenses or should we go Hybrid Azure AD Join? 


How about Group Policies? should I use Configuration Profiles with Intune as we already have Intune in place and Autopilot in place. Should I put these devices in a separate OU if we have to go the route of Hybrid Azure AD joined devices where there are no policies applied and policies getting applied from Configuration profile.


I think there is a lot of info needed on this and appreciate your input.


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This blog post from Anoop highlights all the pros and cons of the AAD VS Hybrid joined.

With all the advancements coming for GPO and AMDX templates etc. MEM with AAD should be able to manage the cloud pc without requiring hybrid join.



I would say that in most scenario's Azure AD joining is enough. Especially if you already have investing configuring settings in Intune and getting away from GPO's.


Its good to know that Azure AD joined machines connected to a vnet that has access to for example a file server can still access the files. Hybrid join is not required for that. Hybrid join just adds another component in your environment and if you dont need it, I dont think you should use it. Unless there is a use case to use hybrid join