Azure AD Join, Azure File Share & Windows 365

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Hi 365-Community.


We want to ... 


- have about 5 - 10 Windows 365 CPCs Enterprise

- Policy AD Joined

- Users can access a AZURE FILE Share


Is that possible?

We tried to that, we can connect the file share only with "Storage Key", but it isn't possible to connect only with Azure Active Direcctory - we only get: "wrong password" if we use new-psdrive ... 

Any thoughts? Ideas?

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@kai_osthoff - Thanks for the patience. Unfortunately, digging through the Azure Files documentation, it's somewhat limited. The only way that you'd be able to do that is through is with Hybrid identities (Windows Server) Active Directory + Azure Active Directory. 


In this scenario, your Cloud PC would have to be Hybrid Azure AD Joined, not Azure AD Joined.


My understanding is that Azure Files is working to enable your scenario where it's Azure AD Join devices only, but I don't have any timelines.