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Hello All, 

I know it's possible to assign two different Windows 365 license SKUs to the same user. 


But I wonder if assigning the same License SKU twice to the same user is possible. I am using the above picture as an example. Suppose I had two licenses of Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 8GB, 128 GB available. Would it be possible to assign it to the same user? 

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What will you achieve by assigning two same license SKU to the end-user? In most scenarios we assign Standard or Premium SKU to the end-user (different SKUs). If you shed more light and reasoning that will be good.

@askaresh thank you for your message. 

If you want to have 2 Cloud PCs (same family - Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 8GB, 128 GB ) assigned to a user but one Cloud PC provisioned with Windows 10 and another with Windows 11 so you can test application behaviors in different OS - This can be a common scenario among Dekstop Engineers for testing purposes. Because I don't have 2 Windows 365 licenses of the same family, I could not test it or find any information in my search. So was wondering if someone tested it already and could share the experience. 

Thanks for the additional details.. I have kicked off a testing scenario, 1 have one Provisioning Policy - Win10 and another one Win11 and assigned to the same AAD group.. Once it provisions the desktop I will login to see what impact it has on the license.

Thank you for the extra mile in testing the scenario @askaresh

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@SandroFigueiredo Nothing happened from a provisioning perspective found this. I think you may need a diff SKU license. (Basic & Premium)





That is awesome @askaresh.

This means that a user can have multiple Cloud PCs as per the example below - 2 different Windows 365 licenses SKUs. But, that same user cannot have 2 Cloud PCs with 2 of the same licenses SKUs, meaning that could not have 2 Cloud PCs with 2 assigned Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 8 GB, 256 GB licenses assigned. That is interesting. 


Any thoughts on why that specific scenario would not be possible? 
Developers could need 2 or more Cloud PCs with the same HW specifications (meaning the same license assigned twice to the user) but a different OS to test applications.

@SandroFigueiredo I would imagine the same, once you told me your use case it made sense.. Not to add to any confusion a contradicting statement I found in the Windows 365 FAQ. However, in practical it's not working.



Thank you for sharing as well as testing my scenario. Much appreciated.
Your testing is correct, you can not assign two licenses of the same SKU to the same user, in order to have two Cloud PCs you would need two different SKUs.
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"Allow a user to have multiple Cloud PCs of the same SKU:"