App Sharing in Teams Meetings on Windows 365

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Hi @Pavithra Thiruvengadam and the Windows 365 team!


Just watched this month's informative AMA and, as suggested, I am reaching out about a key Teams on Win365 feature our team needs. We are going all-in on Windows 365 and so far, my users love their Cloud PCs!


However, the single biggest complaint we get with our Cloud PCs is around the lack of application sharing in Teams meetings. We use ultrawide screens so today we can only share our entire screen, which is not legible in the meeting window. 


Any chance this is coming soon? We see it is launched for Citrix so hopefully Windows 365 is next! Otherwise, the meeting experience has been fantastic!





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Thanks Carlos for reaching out. This, as you have mentioned, is a top ask on the Teams experience on W365. You can be assured that it is on our active backlog. Keep an eye out on our "In Development" and "What's New" documentation pages.

Hi @Pavithra Thiruvengadam


Congratulations on releasing this important feature for Windows 365! We were very happy to see it finally working after updating WebRTC. One additional question on this topic: Is the "Share any window from my taskbar" functionality supposed to be supported by Win365 Teams today? Or will this be enabled soon as a follow-on release?