Windows 365 Cloud PC - Grace Period

Windows 365 Cloud PC - Grace Period



 Sep 02 2021
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When it is required to reassign a Windows 365 License there is a 7 day grace period that kicks in before that license is available.  This does not work well when off-boarding employees and the cost to add more licenses to cover this gap is expensive.  Can Microsoft allow the admins to immediately deprecate a license so it can be used for another user.  Another option would be to open a support case and have Microsoft Support remove the license from the user in question.  Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

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Week of September 6, 2021 (Service release 2108) Device management End grace period option

Certain conditions put a Cloud PC into a seven-day grace period. At the end of this time the Cloud PC will be deprovisioned and user will lose access.

You can now immediately end the grace period for individual Cloud PCs. By ending the grace period manually, you won’t have to wait the full seven days to remove user access from the Cloud PC.


For more information on grace periods, see End grace period.


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@dwitmer460 - As @Richard Barnes mentioned, we released this functionality this past month, so please see End Grace Period for steps on how to do this.


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