we need windows 365 for personal use

we need windows 365 for personal use



 Aug 02 2021
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I would love to buy the personal version of windows 365
which u can do like an addon to Microsoft 365 for personal and family use
i would definitely buy if u add it

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I would happily pay for a Windows 365 consumer subscription. As someone who uses a lot of virtual machines including on a Mac, being able to access Windows 10 or Windows 11 in a web browser would be so much easier and less resource hungry. 

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Currently Windows 365 is only available for enterprise users. Thanks to Windows 365, enterprise users that have Apple-silicon powered macOS can now run Windows 11 and Windows-only apps (such as Access and Publisher) virtually. 


Please make Windows 365 available for individual consumers too so they can also run Windows 11 and Windows-only apps on following devices:

  • Apple-silicon powered macOS and Intel-powered macOS
  • Chromebook (Intel and ARM)
  • Linux (Intel and ARM)
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • Android
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I would like to see that too so I can also use Windows on Apple-silicon powered macOS.

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id love to use windows 365 for personal use

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I agree with you 100 

Status changed to: Investigating
Status changed to: Investigating
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I have relative who is semi-retired but works as a career.  All her paperwork, timesheets, job sheets and endless training is on line and she cannot afford a decent new computer.  A personal subscription to W365 (something I could pay for, for her) would be God-send as she struggles massively to keep up - her PC is too old, too frail, and has an HDD that is virtually filled by Windows on its own.

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Definitely interested in buying a subscription if a personal plan is added to the menu'.

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