static IP for instances

static IP for instances



 Sep 01 2021
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would be great if a static IP could be assigned on the instance level for whitelist purposes.

also for vnet level (several instances) for the same reason.

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@talamir - Can you elaborate on this more? Is this request for Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs or Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs?

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This would be useful for Business Cloud PCs as some applications or web services require you to have a dedicated static public IP address to connect. Banking/finance/insurance I see this as a problem for those who want to use the Business Cloud PC.


In terms of the enterprise version, I am not sure if the public breakout on a vanilla VNet is dynamic or static. I will assume its Dynamic. However, today you can control the static IP address when using a Enterprise Cloud PC via a VNet using an Network virtual Appliance (NVA). The NVA has an public ip assigned and IP forwarding and routing is configured typically on deployment. This would enable all Cloud PC's on that VNet to have a the same static Public address. 


Adding the ability to enforce a static gateway public IP on the VNet for ent Cloud PCs' and public IP assignment on each/multi(same tenant) Business Cloud PC's would also be helpful for those who require client IP authentication to access services.


I hope this insight helps.

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i was referring to Business Cloud PC.

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Yes, I'm referring to this question:


When you've an IP restriction on a resource,  if the Business Cloud PCs as some determined IP address it would be easier to grant that access.