MacOS Outlook Client - Send to Changed

MacOS Outlook Client - Send to Changed



 Nov 05 2021
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Not planned
Since the new REST sync model there is a change in the behavior where the Outlook for Mac client no longer prompts for sending the meeting updates.

With the new REST sync, the updates are sent to changed attendees (add/delete) only. When you make changes in the meeting details such as time/date, subject, or body of the meeting, the update is sent to all attendees.

Please bring back the ability to choose SEND TO CHANGED vs sending to all participants. From a day to day professional lens, it’s inefficient and noisy to send more emails to participants that are already on the event. You should be able to send ONLY to newly added participants.
Status changed to: Not planned

@CDUBS360 - Thanks for the request, but unfortunately this seems unrelated to Windows 365. For Outlook feature requests, I'd recommend using the "Smiley"/Feedback option that's typically in the upper-right corner of the Outlook desktop apps and web apps so that the feedback will go to the Outlook team.