Geolocation by U.S. State

Geolocation by U.S. State



 Sep 03 2021
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I work at a public school district and we make heavy use of Office 365.  We have a number of conditional access policies to control logins.  We have restrictions that are tailored to address out of country, but it would be very helpful if we could filter on the state level as our students reside in one area.  I believe IPs are assigned and can be identified at the state level (I certainly see reports of whether a login is from Seattle versus Redmond or Tacoma, etc.) and it would be very helpful to the security posture if the geolocation options allowed us to filter down and apply at the state level.  I think all school districts would value this as well as potentially many businesses.



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Thank you Chris... I too work for a public school district and would love to see more granularity on geo-blocking. During the pandemic that forced distance learning, we had quite a lot of hackers that were outside of CONUS. Geo-blocking provided a higher level of protection for my student base. The ability to cut that down to a state would be very welcome. 



@Chris_Moore_BSD - Can you elaborate more? Am I correct in understanding that you want expanded Conditional Access controls that are not "IP-based", but "City" or "State" based?

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